The game will be run using Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition, with the following modifications.

Character Creation

Ability scores are generated using the point-buy method. Players have 27 points to spend.using the standard 27 point budget.

The preferred races are human villagers and halfling water gypsies. Wood elves and forest gnomes exist in the area as well, but are considered baby-stealing monsters rather than people; a good explanation would be required to allow them as protagonists.

Characters start before level 1. Choose ability scores, a race, and a background as normal, but do not choose a character class. Characters without a class have the following features:

  • 1d4 hit die
  • (4 + Constitution modifier) hit points
  • Proficient with dagger, dart, sling, and staff
  • +2 proficiency bonus

If a character’s race or background entitles them to a language of their choice, the player may choose to leave the slot unassigned until there’s an in-game opportunity to learn a new language. Characters are illiterate in the languages they know, unless they have a reason not to be (e.g. acolyte, merchant, or sage background; proficiency in forger’s tools, etc.) Like unassigned language slots, they need an in-game opportunity to be taught to read.


Equipment may only be purchased if the village includes someone capable of crafting it.

  • Spinning, knitting and weaving are nearly ubiquitous skills for village women, so cloth items are readily (if not necessarily rapidly) available. This includes hemp rope and padded armor, but not silk. (Tailor/Weaver)
  • The village is in the middle of an fathomless forest. Wooden items are easily available, with the exception of bows; slings are the ranged weapon of choice. (Bowyer/Carpenter/Cooper/Wainwright/Woodcutter)
  • (Brewer/Farmer)
  • (Leatherworker/Herder/Ostler)
  • (Potter/Bricklayer/Tiler)
  • Simon’s father the blacksmith can produce some iron items. A shortsword is the most complicated weapon within his capability. Studded leather armor and ring mail are the only metal armors within his capability. He can’t produce complex mechanisms such as locks, crossbows, or whitesmith jewelry.
  • (Tinker)
  • (Acolyte) Parchment is available, but not paper or vellum.

Items that certainly can’t be crafted locally: Acid, Alchemist’s fire, Antitoxin, Arcane focus, Book, Magnifying glass, Paper, Potion of healing, Rope (silk), Spellbook, Spyglass


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