List of Characters

The human population of the known world is 26 — 25½, for those uncharitable about Red’s ancestry.

The Smith family (2)


  • Angus Smith (♂37). Widower, brother of Žana. Guild artisan, uses smith’s tools.
  • Simon “Caramel” Smith (♂18). Son of Angus and Raelene (deceased), boyfriend of Annabel Tanner. Entertainer, plays the flute.

The Potter family (5)

Potters, brickmakers, tilers.

  • Anton Potter (♂28). Husband of Žana. Potter, brickmaker, tiler, tinker.
  • Žana Potter (♀34). Wife of Anton, sister of Angus. Spinner and weaver.
  • Živa (♀14), daughter of Žana by first husband (deceased).
  • Zora (♀1), and Rayko (♂0), young children of Anton and Žana.

The Fields family (10)

Grow grain, keep bees, brew beer and mead. Own a draft horse.

The Cooper family (4)

Woodcutters, barrelmakers, wainwrights, poultry for meat and eggs. Barrels are used to store winter supplies.

The Tanner family (3)

Herd goats for meat and dairy, tan leather, lye and soap production, cobbler.

  • Randall Tanner (♂38). Leather-maker, cobbler.
  • Isobel Tanner (♀38). Wife of Randall. Soap- and candle-making.
  • Annabel Tanner (♀18). Daughter of Randall and Isobel, girlfriend of Simon “Caramel” Smith. Goatherd, milkmaid.

The witch’s cottage (2)

Herbalism, high-quality textiles, charms.

  • Sage (♀56) hermit.
  • Red (♀16). Abandoned child of Sage’s vanished daughter Belaya and her fey lover. Outsider, plays the flute. Half-elf with striking yellow eyes marking her as different.

List of Characters

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