The Village

The population of the village is 26.


The village is almost entirely self-sufficient out of necessity. There used to be a local lord whose tax collector would show up in the autumn; those visits ceased abruptly about seven years ago. The villagers are content not knowing why, as long as they get to live tax-free.

Halfling houseboats layover on the nearby lake annually, trading in lightweight luxury goods. The village imports glass, jewelry, liquor, and hard currency in exchange for furs and honey.


The village proper consists of:

  • The smithy
    • basic smithy (500gp, 400ft²), wooden walls
  • Smith/Potter house
    • quarters for 6 (400gp, 400ft²), wooden walls
    • 6 residents: Angus Smith, Anton Potter, Žana Potter, Živa Potter, Zora Potter, Rayko Potter
  • Potter workshop
  • The cooperage
    • basic workplace (500gp, 400ft²), quarters for 6 (400gp, 400ft²), wooden walls
    • 4 residents
  • The farmhouse
    • basic workplace (500gp, 400ft²), quarters for 12 (800gp, 800ft²), wooden walls
    • 10 residents
  • The barn
    • basic stable ×½ (500gp, 200ft²), wooden walls
  • The grain silo
    • basic storage ×½ (125gp, 200ft²), masonry walls (1250gp)
  • The chapel
    • basic chapel (1000gp, 400ft²), wooden walls

The Tanner homestead is a half-mile from the village because it smells awful.

  • The tannery
    • basic workplace (500gp, 400ft²), wooden walls
  • Residence
    • quarters for 6 (400gp, 400ft²), wooden walls
    • 3 residents: Randall Tanner, Isobel Tanner, Annabel Tanner

The witch’s cottage is about two miles into the forest from the village.

  • Cottage
    • quarters for 3 (200gp, 200ft²), wooden walls
    • 2 residents: Sage, Red

The Village

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